Kelly’s Distributors, proud distributors of beverages and fresh juices for over 20 years, was founded to offer “great products matched only by our service”.

Today we employ over 35 people. Our warehouse on South Side of Brisbane gives us an ideal position to offer all of our services quickly to our customers from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between.

Kellys Distributors - Fresh Juices and Beverages

Start a conversation with someone about the health benefits of keeping hydrated. It is amazing the number of people who have difficulty drinking a glass of water. They report feelings of being smothered, or coughing and choking unless they sip it slowly or drink it through a straw. Some just do not like the taste, but all have no problem drinking other beverages, either hot or cold.

At Kelly’s Distributors we provide a great range of soft and energy drinks at great bulk prices. This makes our supply of energy and soft drinks perfect for workplaces such as factories, offices and more, as well as for work gatherings, parties and functions, amongst others. These drinks are great in work places as people looking for a lift throughout the day often turn to soft drinks or energy drinks. Both of these drinks provide a bit of extra pep in their step when needed and each for similar and different reasons.

Kellys Distributors are proud suppliers of several FOCIS approved fruit juices and beverages.

FOCiS Inc encourages school canteens to stock a wide variety of tasty nutritious foods and beverages that contribute to children’s growth and development.

We supply a range of juices and fruit drinks from suppliers including Golden Circle, Quench and more.

For more information, contact the relevant authority in your state.

School Canteen Approved seal
Gatorade Drinks, 4x600ml bottles of different variants

The holiday season is coming and it is a time when we all spend a little extra time out with friends and family. There are lots of parties and gatherings to attend as we share our well wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

As we get together with family, friends and work mates we can become a little tired and run down.

While a good solution to this might be a good rest it may . . .Read more

Red Bull Energy Drinks

Get the most popular energy drink from Kelly’s Distributors.

As a reputable family owned and operated company for 16 years, Kellys Distributors is proud to always supply quality products to their clients. When you next want to place an order for your supply of Red Bull can in Brisbane you should think of Kelly’s Distributors. Both respected and reliable, Kelly’s Distributors are . . .Read more